her pretty and unexpected statement to another famous French actress

All good things come to an end and these are not Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard who will say the opposite. After their love at first sight in 2002 on the set of Children’s Games, the two actors lived an incredible love story littered with ups and downs.

That said, some indiscretions were exposed when their breakup was announced on the set of TPMP People last March. “Last summer, they were in Cap-Ferret, making small kisses in the water, everything was going very well… at least, on paper. Today, Marion Cotillard, would therefore have left, she would live with a friend, he would have stayed in their beautiful apartment in the west of Paris. It’s a beautiful story that comes to an end. This year, it would have been 20 years (…) Guillaume Canet has a bit of a reputation for being a womanizer. The couple had the reputation of being a free couple. So maybe they reached their limit, on that level (…) And at the time of Rock’n’Roll (in 2017) and the sequel to Les Petits Mouchoirs, (We will end up together, in 2019) , they toured together, and it didn’t go very well even very badly at that time between them“said journalist Florian Anselme.

If they do not express themselves on this subject, Internet users are attentive to what they put on social networks. Thus, Guillaume Canet posted a story that is not likely to go unnoticed this Friday, May 20, 2022. Indeed, he shared the summary of the film A better life where he shared the bill with Leila Bekhti. “Yann, a cook in a school canteen, meets Nadia, a waitress raising her nine-year-old son, Slimane, on her own. Between them, it’s love at first sight. Aspiring to a better life, the young couple decided to set up their own business with the opening of a restaurant on the edge of a lake…” described the internet user.

The ex-companion of Marion Cotillard took the opportunity to make a nice statement to his former partner: “A film that I really like with an actress that I adore and with whom I loved shooting so much @leilabekhti“. A message that may please the main concerned.


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