Foot PSG – La mère de Kylian Mbappé gifle Frédéric Hermel

The announced agreement between Kylian Mbappé and PSG has caused an earthquake in European football, and now the time for settlements has arrived.

Very present on social networks when it comes to giving information about her son, Fayza Lamari has not confirmed that Kylian Mbappé has agreed to a three-year extension with Paris Saint-Germain, even if now there is no longer any doubt. For a long time, the mother of the French star passed for a warm supporter of the candidacy of Real Madrid, but obviously things have evolved, and Fayza Lamari has no qualms, having made it known several times that it is Kylian Mbappé and he alone who decided his future at PSG or elsewhere. But if Fayza Lamari did not move when all the media announced the upcoming extension, she wanted to respond to Frédéric Hermel, RMC journalist who this week again explained that Mbappé had to sign at Real Madrid and nowhere else. . It is true that this journalist, a warm supporter of the Merengue, had hit hard on the Parisian player. ” In football there are those who respect the given word. And then there’s Mbappé… “, had castigated Fred Hermel.

Fred Hermel messed up, it’s Mbappé’s fault

Via social networks, Fayza Lamari put a right (virtual) to the journalist of RMC. “ Mr Hermel. When we don’t know we keep quiet .. never an agreement was given .. yours “, replied the mother of Kylian Mbappé. A response that made Twitter happy. ” If he kept silent every time he didn’t know anything, he would have been unemployed for a long time. “, quipped Culture PSG in the midst of a deluge of insults from Spain where it is considered that Fayza Lamari killed the dream of her son, who had confided that signing for Real Madrid was one of his dreams. The next few days are likely to be tense between Spain and France, even if it will not change the case, namely that Kylian Mbappé extends his contract until 2025.



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