fin du feuilleton imminente pour Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé will let you know in the next few hours what his future will be like and his choice to extend to PSG or to leave for Real Madrid. In the meantime, rumors are rife and predictions too.

Impatience, feverishness too and above all the desire to end it: the end of the suspense is near concerning the future of Kylian Mbappé, who will announce in the next few hours – at the latest on Sunday – if he decides to extend at PSG or to join Real Madrid. The soap opera has been going on for a year now, between its desire to leave last summer and the last hours which have given hope to Parisian supporters.

Hard to know. And it is in itself a kind of feat accomplished by the circle close to the 2018 world champion, with French or Spanish media on the lookout for the slightest sign, the slightest information that could have filtered. But while the former Monegasque must speak, no one ventures to say that he will stay in Paris or not. A rarity that tends to frustrate, especially on the Madrid side, where we thought the case had been settled for a long time or even the contract signed.

The Spanish press wonders

What will he say? When exactly will he announce it? What form of expression will he choose? The blur remains total. Even if, in recent hours, optimism seemed to have rather passed on the Parisian side, with supporters who are starting to believe in it where, in Spain, we are starting to make up our minds. Before Real Madrid’s draw (0-0) against Betis to end the La Liga season, White House fans confided their frustration, even their annoyance, with a displayed hope that contrasted with the almost crestfallen faces as the echoes became more pessimistic.

In the absence of information, it is the reign of noise and rumor. A spanish journalist reports the words of a source according to which Florentino Perez announced to Real players, in the locker room, that Kylian Mbappé would not come. Cadena SER journalists debate, one saying that the French will come, the other believing that he will not sign, both agreeing on the nervousness of the Spanish champion and the uncertainty which reigns within the management of the club. Marca is cautious by teasing the end of the soap opera for this Saturday.

What we know

What do we know at time T? That Kylian Mbappé will play at the Parc des Princes against Metz this Saturday (9 p.m.) for the last day of Ligue 1, with the desire to sign an unprecedented double of individual trophies in the French championship by finishing top scorer and best passer. That he will be honored by the Parisian public and the club, as such, after the meeting, as part of the festivities for the 10th coronation of the Parisians, in the same way as captain Marquinhos and the eight-time champion of France (a record ) Marco Veratti.

We also know that he will speak no later than Sunday and that we will therefore know this weekend whether he is staying or leaving. We don’t know exactly when, or where, or how. But he will speak. If he leaves PSG, Paris will have to launch major maneuvers to try to compensate for this loss. If he stays, Real will have to try to turn around, without the possibility of falling back on his plan B Erling Haaland, who has already signed for Manchester City. Winners, losers, happy, disappointed but on arrival, an epilogue that everyone has been waiting for for a very long time.



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