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In the shadow of the dunes is broadcast on France 3 on Saturday May 21, 2022! Discover the filming locations of the film!

In the shadow of the dunes is a TV movie directed by Philippe Dajoux, who directed the series Le voyageur. This is an interesting story rich in twists and turns that address many contemporary themes such as ecology, hunting or even food self-sufficiency.

The film is broadcast on France 3 on the evening of Saturday May 21, 2022. If you are interested in the film, we invite you to discover the cast of the film In the Shadow of the Dunes. To learn more, we invite you to discover the places of tourange of In the shadow of the dunes.

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Where is the movie In the Shadow of the Dunes shot?

The filming of the film took place from November 22 to December 17, 2021. Nothing exotic for the filming locations since it took place in the Paris region.

For your information, here is the pitch of the film on program-tv: “In the middle of the forest, the corpse of Babar, a resident of a surrounding town, is found, tied at the ankles and wrists. While the first conclusions determine death by asphyxiation, Evelyne, the mayor, arrives on the scene, worrying about the reputation of the city and its surroundings after the ravages of the fires. Meanwhile, Baker, a crime boss in the capital, arrives to try to win back his wife, Julie, who left him with the children to live in the village of her childhood. Evelyne, Julie’s mother, asks her son-in-law to accompany the local gendarmerie in the investigation.




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