Benjamin Castaldi still very indebted: the consequence on his income

Benjamin Castaldi has never hidden having earned a lot of money during his television career. It must be said that in the 2000s, the facilitator was in great demand. He notably made the heyday of TF1 for several years with the reality TV show Secret Story. But, after the glory, came the fall. Indeed, Benjamin Castaldi ended up going through a long slump, the fault of some bad investments and his three very expensive divorces. Result, he found himself very indebted and did not even have the comfortable income of his beginnings to compensate.

By becoming a columnist Do not touch My TV, and thanks to the confidence that Cyril Hanouna places in him to punctually host bonuses on C8, Benjamin Castaldi has managed to get his head out of the water. But, during his passage At Jordan’sthe issuance of Entertainment TVthe father of four children (Julien, 25 years old and Simon 21 years old born from his relationship with Valérie Sapienza, Enzo, 18 years old, fruit of his love with Flavie Flament and Gabriel, born in August 2020 from his last marriage with Aurore Aleman) who “make a very good living“said he still had big money problems.

Today, 70% of what I earn, excluding taxes, helps pay off my debts“, he confessed. Benjamin Castaldi is nevertheless today much more peaceful and serene about the future even if the road to put his failures behind is still long. “I’m getting out of debt, but it’s still a bit heavy“, he pointed out.

Last April, Benjamin Castaldi revealed in TPMP People still having to repay the dizzying sum of 2.5 million euros ! Initially, it was 5 million that “banks or individuals“asked him.”I was condemned, I repay what was assigned to my debts, it’s normal“, he said on the set of Matthieu Delormeau.



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