Becky Lynch reportedly originated match against Asuka on WWE RAW final episode

In his last Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed to us that the idea of ​​the match against Asuka during the last episode of RAW would come from Becky Lynch.

He tells us :

“A suggestion was made, apparently by Becky Lynch, to have Lynch vs Asuka in a singles match for a title match. Because they’re trying to avoid a direct singles match between Belair and Lynch until a major PPV show, Becky Lynch couldn’t win here, so Asuka pinned Becky after spitting green mist in her eyes. when Lynch first tried to use Asuka’s umbrella to attack her.

This victory for Asuka on the last episode of RAW was the smartest thing to do regarding several points. Asuka has just made her comeback and seems to be in the shape of her life now that she’s gotten rid of her physical issues and has healed her injuries. It also helps fuel the paranoia and character of Becky Lynch who’s been just losing out lately despite trying to use forbidden tactics. And as Dave Meltzer says, WWE probably wants to save the rematch for Becky Lynch against Bianca Belair for a PPV in a stadium and why not add Asuka for a multi-match match.

What is certain is that the return of Asuka allows to have a real breath of fresh air in the WWE and the federation has of course been able to fall back on its feet after the Sasha Banks / Naomi affair to offer us something better and new.

Asuka vs. Becky Lynch at WWE RAW on 05/16/2022:

Photo credit: WWE




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