une annonce de Mbappé dimanche n’arrangerait pas le Real, selon Fred Hermel

Kylian Mbappé will reveal this weekend the choice on his future but for Fred Hermel, specialist in Spanish football on RMC, the timing of this announcement would not help Real Madrid, focused on its Champions League final.

The end of the long series is approaching. According to information from RMC Sport, Kylian Mbappé will speak on Saturday evening or Sunday on the choice of his future: extend to PSG or go free to Real Madrid. The timing of this announcement would not really help Real Madrid, focused on their Champions League final against Liverpool on Saturday May 28 at the Stade de France (9 p.m.). This was entrusted to Fred Hermel, specialist in Spanish football in the After, Thursday.

Sunday, better than Thursday or next Friday

“I will be extremely surprised if Mbappé announces his departure for Real on Sunday, he said. Either he says, ‘I’m staying’ and that’s not the trend, or he says, ‘I’m leaving’ without specifying where he go.” For Fred Hermel, his speech this weekend would still be more timely than later next week.

“It’s better for Real Madrid that he announces it on Sunday, several days before the Champions League final, he says. If he had announced that on Thursday or Friday before the final, it was a real problem. Real cannot do that before a Champions League final. The announcement of a player like that for Real Madrid is not a small statement, it’s five hours of antenna on the club channel in TNT and broadcast throughout Spain.”

In recent hours, the Spanish media, such as the program El Chiringuito, display their pessimism on this issue. A simple backfire lit by Real, according to Fred Hermel. “Real Madrid today wants to bring this story down, he concludes. He wants us to talk less about Kylian Mbappé but more about the Champions League final. He sends messages. The Chiringuito is often direct messages from the president or the general manager.”



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