Six Eurovision 2022 countries accused of cheating after ‘irregular voting patterns’

via Associated Press

Kalush Orchestra, the Ukrainians winners of Eurovision 2022.

EUROVISION – Cheating “on an unprecedented scale”. In a press release published Thursday, May 19, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which deals with Eurovision, revealed that six countries would have tried to manipulate the results of the 2022 edition of the competition.

The professional juries of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino would have awarded each other the most points possible in the second semi-final. “It was observed that four of the six countries placed the other five in their top 5 (taking into account the fact that a jury cannot vote for its country)”, is it detailed in the press release to explain the fraud.

“A country placed these same five countries in its top 6, and the last of the six juries placed four in its top 4, the 5th country being in the top 7”, continues the EBU, which continues its demonstration by pointing that “four of the countries have received at least once 12 points, the maximum that can be given”.

Not a coincidence, but a cheat

But why is the EBU convinced of cheating? Because “five of these six countries were ranked beyond the top 7 by the juries of the 15 other countries who voted in the same semi-final”. In addition, she adds, “four of the six countries were ranked in the bottom six of the rankings established by the other fifteen juries”. It is therefore not for their talent but by their shenanigans that the offending countries received more points, deduces the EBU.

After realizing the deception, the organizers replaced the votes of these six countries by an algorithm during this semi-final, then during the grand final on Saturday May 14.

What did not please some of these countries, who complained the day after the show. “We were unpleasantly surprised to find that the vote was not taken into account in the final classification, the organizers awarding another series of marks to the competitors of the final”, had written the Romanian public television TVR in a press release. The twelve points for this country went not to Moldova but to Ukraine, who won the competition.

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