six countries involved in cheating “on an unprecedented scale”

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino are believed to have earned the most points in the second semi-final on May 12.

The European Broadcasting Union, which runs Eurovision, denounced in a press release published Thursday evening a cheating “of an unprecedented scale” involving six countries, which would have tried to manipulate the results of the 2022 edition of the competition.

According to the statement, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino are believed to have awarded themselves the most points in the second semi-final, which was held on May 12. in Torino.

“It was observed that four of the six juries placed the other five countries in their top 5 (taking into account the fact that a jury cannot vote for its country)”, can we read in this text. “An irregularity of this magnitude is unprecedented. [dans l’histoire du concours]”, says the EBU again.

Less popular

This irregularity was detected by a pan-European organization, partner of the contest, the Independent Voting Monitor. This organization found that several of the six countries suspected had been much less favored by the 15 other voting countries, which placed them at the bottom of the ranking.

The votes of these six countries were canceled by the organization of the competition and replaced by Top 10 calculated with algorithms, as stipulated by the regulation in the event of irregular votes.

Vote “replaced”

The day after Ukraine’s victory, Romania denounced another problem, which occurred during the final. The Romanians assured that their vote had been “replaced” by a vote for Ukraine. They affirmed last Sunday the Romanian public television TVR that the points which they intended for Moldova, had been attributed to Ukraine.

“We were unpleasantly surprised to find that the vote did not count towards the final standings, with the organizers awarding another round of ratings to the contestants in the final,” TVR wrote in a statement. “We specify that the Romanian jury has decided to award the maximum score to the representatives of Moldova,” she explained.

Ukraine won the competition in Italy ahead of the United Kingdom and Spain, thanks to the vote of viewers who voted for the group representing the country invaded since the end of February by Russian troops.

Jerome Lachasse and Magali Rangin



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