pourquoi le pessimisme grandit en Espagne sur un transfert de Mbappé au Real

For several days, the Spanish sports media have reviewed their certainty on a signing of Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid next summer.

The mines have been getting more serious for several days on the set of the program El Chiringuito. Famous for its staging at the limit of parody, the show very followed in Spain fears a volte-face from Kylian Mbappé when revealing the choice on his future, this weekend. This decision is not known to anyone, except the player, but clues would raise fears of what was unimaginable throughout the season: an extension at PSG.

“The expression ‘he does not come’ will perhaps be born”

Josep Pedrerol, host and kind of maestro of the show, himself assumed this change of tone. “At the Chiringuito we gave birth to the expressions ‘tranquilo’ and the ‘tic tac’ but this week was born the ‘attention’ and perhaps the ‘he does not come’.” Why such a reversal of the situation when the media repeatedly recalled the great serenity of Real on the subject? The answer is surely in the announcement of Edu Aguirre, another journalist of the show, Thursday. According to him, PSG would have offered Mbappé to become the boss of the PSG sports project with a very wide field of action allowing him to choose the coach, the players to be recruited and those from whom to part. Full powers that amused social networks, a little less the local media.

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“I find it difficult for Mbappé to sign for Real, Pedrerol said again on Thursday. At the club, they are very pessimistic.” A posture to be moderated according to Fred Hermel, specialist in Spanish football on RMC. For him, the debates too focused on Mbappé would not help Real Madrid, who would rather shine the spotlight on the Champions League final against Liverpool, Saturday May 28 at the Stade de France (9 p.m.).

A Real strategy to talk more about the Champions League?

“Real Madrid today wants to bring this story down, he said Thursday in the After. He wants us to talk less about Kylian Mbappé but more about the Champions League final. He sends messages The Chiringuito is often direct messages from the president or the general manager.” According to Fred Hermel, the trend is still for Mbappé to leave for Spain, even if the doubt will persist until the player’s communication this weekend.

This uncertainty has also caught up with Marca, a Madrid sports newspaper, which announced an agreement between Mbappé and Real at the start of the week. Here again, the daily backtracks a little: “Mbappé sat down to listen to PSG”.



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