«Nous avons un accord avec le Real et le PSG, à Kylian de choisir», annonce Fayza Lamari, la mère de Mbappé

Bondy’s crack mom tells Kora Plus this Friday that the two offers are “equivalent”.

New episode in the highly commented soap opera Kylian Mbappé. Discreet in the media or on social networks since a scathing denial, if not through a few well-felt “likes” on Twitter Fayza Lamari, mother of the 23-year-old prodigy, confirms, via the Arabic-speaking media Kora More that “negotiations are over“. The die is cast. No more dates with anyone, no more last-minute offers,new elements(to use the terms used by “KM” a few weeks ago). The facts of the problem are clear:We have an agreement with Real Madrid and another with Paris Saint-Germain. Negotiations are over. Now Kylian must choose“Summarizes the ex-handball player, while various sources have indicated that the choice of the world champion will be known this weekend.

The trend is also now for a contract extension at PSG, while all of Spain’s football has been very optimistic lately. The fact remains that the suspense remains intact and that caution must remain the key word in this long-term file and which would not be its first twist, far from it.

100% image rights if Mbappé goes to Real?

In any case, the two clubs struggled to seduce the world champion, free at the end of June and who wanted to join the Spanish capital last summer, one year from the end of his contract in Paris. While some sources evoke a crazy proposal from PSG on the financial level, Fayza Lamari assures that “offers from Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain are equal, there are no big differences between them, but we expect Mbappe to choose what he wants“. The mother / agent specifies in passing that the White House has given in to all of her son’s requests for image rights, which would be a first in the history of the club with 13 crowns in the Champions League. “With Real’s offer, we have full control over the image rights, and on the other hand, there is financial compensation. The two offers do not differ much, they are equivalent“, she says. As we say in Spain, tick tock, tick tock…




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