Matthieu Delormeau absent from TPMP after his clash: Cyril Hanouna denounces “starlet” behavior

The tone rose quickly. Wednesday night in Do not touch My TVCyril Hanouna has put on the table a heated debate around the absence of Idrissa Gueye on May 14 during a match between Paris Saint-Germain and Montpellier, in support of the fight against homophobia. The 32-year-old Senegalese international footballer was quickly labeled a homophobe for his refusal to wear the colors of the gay community. A behavior that shocked Matthieu Delormeau but which was however understood by Gilles Verdez.

In total disagreement on the subject, the two columnists embarked on a violent clash live. Matthieu Delormeau notably described his comrade as “huge asshole“and accused him of being homophobic.”There’s a homophobic offense and he says it’s okay?! Shut up, enough is enough Gilles. Shut your mouth“, he let go very annoyed. Gilles Verdez for his part somehow explained his point of view before finally getting carried away in turn and insulting his colleague as a racist in return. Matthieu Delormeau ended up withdrawing his microphone and left the set, furious.

The next day, he was conspicuous by his absence on the set of Do not touch My TV. Indeed, Cyril Hanouna revealed that he “needed to rest (…) he was really pained by what was said on the set“. And to specify: “He is going to rest a bit and will come back on Monday“. Matthieu Delormeau will also ignore TPMP People this week, which he usually presents every Saturday.

Cyril Hanouna reassembled, he reframes his team

A decision that seemed to annoy Cyril Hanouna, who does not support that his commitments are planted. “The vsstarlet behaviors, there won’t be any here. When we have to do the show, we come and do the show. It’s not Club Med here. When there is something wrong, we talk about it afterwards and the next day we come, we do the show and we hold our position“, he let go, his face closed, and underlining the “courage” of Gilles Verdez for having presented himself.

Hugo Manos was not really of this opinion and castigated the comments of the controversial columnist. “People were touched by the sequence. She was very difficult for a homosexual to watch. Around the table, there are no homophobes but there are homophobic remarks. Gilles, I’m going to remind you of something you said. ‘Are you shocked that countries condemn homosexuality?’ You didn’t want to answer. It’s not just you, other people around the table should have reacted. I don’t understand your reaction!“, was indignant the companion of Laurent Ruquier.



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