Laury Thilleman in a relationship with Jérémy Frérot, she breaks the heart of Laure Manaudou

Laury Thilleman has confirmed the implosion of the couple she had formed for seven years with chef Juan Arbelaez. They had been married for two years. And she would be in a relationship with Jérémy Frérot.

The ex-beauty queen took to her Instagram account to confirm to her virtual community a revelation from Public magazine.

After seven years of intense happiness and a life together at a mile an hour, Juan and I decide to continue our roads separately, ”said the host, ensuring that she had kept very good relations with her ex.

Laury Thilleman took the opportunity to pay tribute to her ex-husband, who brightened up her life with “a thousand colors”. She assured that it “will always have a special place in my heart”.

And in the edition of the Public, that of May 20, we learn that Laury Thilleman would have taken the initiative of this rupture.
She would be engaged in a relationship with the singer Jérémy Frérot.
“An unimaginable love affair in which four ultra-known personalities have just engaged. Or when love breaks two couples of friends! You will have been warned, ”says the publication on its website.

Reference is made to Jérémy Frérot, who is no longer followed by Laure Manaudou on social networks. On the other hand, this one is followed by Juan Arbelaez!
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