Large families: A tribe leaves the program, “health problems” in question

With the daily broadcast of Large families, life in XXL on TF1, viewers naturally became attached to the candidates. It is therefore undoubtedly with disappointment that they will learn that a tribe will announce that they are leaving the successful program in the new episode of this Friday, May 20, 2022. These are the Bambara.

The mother of the quadruplets Hajar, Noor, Kheïry-Dine and Chemsy-Dine (4 years old) preceded the broadcast by sharing the sad news on her social networks the day before. The opportunity for her to reveal the reason that pushes her to stop filming. “We’ve been a little slow since I had health problems. We need to close our doors“, she explained in story Instagram. Rofrane Bambara has already watched the episode of his departure. Which was a very emotional moment. “It was weird to see us in this period which was really difficult and to really realize all that had changed. I cried“.

It is true that Nasser’s wife had serious health problems a few months ago, which weakened her greatly. She even had to be hospitalized and underwent several examinations, including a lumbar puncture and an MRI. In the end, she had learned that she had contracted the flu which damaged his brain. This led to a loss of mobility on the right side, forcing him to undergo rehabilitation sessions afterwards. “I don’t live the same life as before for now. It’s a realistic show that isn’t scripted, that isn’t made from scratch. We need to close our doors“, concluded Rofrane.

At the same time, one of Rofrane and Nasser’s children was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, little Kheïry-Dine. “When people talk to us about autism, autistic disorder, it’s scary. It’s something that hurts, that we don’t know… It’s a big blow to our little parents’ hearts“, confessed with emotion the pretty brunette in an episode of Large families.



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