Jérôme Rothen flingue Stéphanie Frappart et Clément Turpin

In his show Rothen ignites on RMCthe former PSG player criticized the selection of Clément Turpin and Stéphanie Frappart among the 36 World Cup referees, believing that they are not the best Frenchmen in the field: “You have to punish when the referees, even international ones, are not at the level in Ligue 1. You have to raise others who are perhaps lower in the hierarchy. You are not going to tell me that Turpin is the best French referee today. » At the UNFP trophies it was indeed Benoît Bastien who had been elected best referee in the championship, however Clément Turpin was chosen to whistle the next Champions League final.

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The consultant then went after Stéphanie Frappart, whom he does not judge at the level either: “How many Champions League matches has Mrs. Frappart played this year? Maybe one, or even zero (0 in LDC, 1 in Europa League and 1 in Europa League Conference). She does not participate in the most beautiful of competitions, but she is one of the best referees in the world? It’s incredible. French arbitration is like a sect. It’s easier to hit a lesser-known referee than Stéphanie Frappart. Do you honestly think that Madame Frappart deserved to be rewarded in the Coupe de France final? Over his entire season in Ligue 1?



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