Isabelle Morini-Bosc, her seriously ill husband Alain: operations and “a vital prognosis engaged…”

Isabelle Morini Bosc is one of the emblematic chroniclers of Do not touch My TV. The 65-year-old journalist has been giving her opinion since 2013, almost since the launch of the show. So inevitably, his strange absence in recent weeks questions. Isabelle Morini-Bosc has indeed not been seen around the table of Cyril Hanouna since last March, around the time of the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut when she made revelations on this subject.

Contacted by Closer for an interview published on May 19, 2022, the figure of RTL explained to have moved away from the antenna to take care of her husband Alain Morini, which encounters significant health problems. “He underwent several operations with a vital prognosis and I preferred to step back to take care of him. Cyril understood my situation well“, she revealed.

While waiting for her to recover her place, Cyril Hanouna trusts Danielle Moreau to replace her. “I have known Danielle for a very long time and she arrived at the right time“, rejoiced Isabelle Morini-Bosc. Fans of the columnist can still find her once a week in TPMP People, Matthieu Delormeau’s meeting broadcast every Saturday but recorded the day before. This is a real enchanted parenthesis for Isabelle. “I am every Friday in TPMP People. This show does me a lot of good and brings me a little lightness“, she confessed.

During an interview for Jordan De Luxe granted in February 2022, she had already mentioned the concerns of the man with whom she had her son, Guillaume. “Momentarily, he has a pathology but otherwise he is fine. We handle it together, and we always laugh togethershe confided. It’s not benign but we manage it together. It is a fairly common pathology.“But she had not wished to say more, because the whole family was not aware of what he saw.”He is very well cared for. There is a hospital in Lyon which takes care of this very very well. And me, I feel like a nurse because now I massage him at night, and I’m like ‘ah, I’m doing something for my husband, finally‘” she concluded.



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