Idris Elba, knight serving on the Cannes red carpet, holds the trail of his wife Sabrina

Gentleman, Idris Elba is behind his wife Sabrina. (Cannes, May 20, 2022.) Getty Images

The English actor, who came to present his film Three thousand years waiting for you at the Cannes Film Festival 2022, played the perfect gentlemen on the red carpet, this Friday, May 20.

Welcomed like a prince by Kate Middleton and her husband William, at the London premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise proved to be gallant on Thursday, May 19. The actor thus gave his hand to the Duchess of Cambridge to help her climb a few steps in Leicester Square. Tonight, the turn of Idris Elba, pretender to the title of next James Bond, to split with a chivalrous gesture.

The climb of the steps of Friday, May 20

A wedding in 2019

The British actor, who came to present his film Three thousand years waiting for you, this Friday, May 20, at the Cannes Film Festival, thus illustrated himself by taking the train of his wife Sabrina, dressed in a long white dress. The actor notably readjusted the transparent veil of his wife, whom he met in 2017 and married two years later, so that it fell perfectly on the red carpet. He then posed with her, hand in hand, under the flashes of the photographers. Before climbing the steps of the Palais des Festivals, this time alongside her filming partner Tilda Swinton and director George Miller.




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