Foot PSG – PSG : Neymar brise le silence sur cette erreur de Mbappé

Difficult to escape the news on Kylian Mbappé, who will give his final choice this weekend, his entourage told several media.

Doubt is allowed because if Real Madrid was convinced of having a head start from the start, and in particular its declared desire to sign for Casa Blanca last fall, PSG have caught up. The copious offers at all levels, the right to the image that he will master 100%, the sporting changes to be put in place, Kylian Mbappé knows what he wants and Paris is ready to give him everything. As a result, each clue is scrutinized by observers, and there are many of them, especially on social networks. This is the case with a group photo taken in Qatar where the Paris SG striker seems to be hiding something with his hand at his chest.

Kylian Mbappé was wrong

Initially, it might have looked like the world champion was covering up the PSG logo. He then put his hand lower, so as not to see a sponsor who was no good. Enough to relaunch the Spanish press, for whom Mbappé no longer even hid from dismissing certain Parisian sponsors. This is not at all the case according to Neymar, who obviously decided to put an end to the rumors by sending a message on his Instagram account. “ Everything is good to make like, it’s without tail or head. It’s just that we have two sets of clothes, one with and one without logo, Kylian made a mistake and had to hide it because it was an ad for the other sponsor. Don’t spread fake news! “Warned the Brazilian, exasperated by these rumors that are constantly circulating about the players of Paris SG. And in particular Kylian Mbappé, who expects anyway, regardless of his decision, to live a very eventful summer.



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