Ennevelin: eliminated from Top Chef, Mickaël Braure will soon be back on television

Ennevelin: eliminated from Top Chef, Mickaël Braure will soon be back on television

General amazement this Wednesday when Mickaël Braure, one of the favorites of season 13 of Top chef (and darling of viewers), was eliminated at the gates of the quarter-finals. The chef of the Witloof in Ennevelin comes back with us on his television adventure.

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During our first meeting, we felt a Mickaël Braure quite detached from Top chef. But still, not too disappointed at the time of your elimination?

No I’m not disappointed, I really did Top Chef for fun. The result is already magnificent, I never thought I would reach this level. It’s awesome. And now, after an absence of two and a half months for filming purposes, it was time to go home. (…) I am very happy to have represented my region.

You have been eliminated by the Caudrésien Sébastien. If it were necessary to be eliminated, as much as it is by another Northerner, right?

Of course, my defeat gives him his victory. I really like his cooking and I really enjoyed working with him. As long as there is still a guy to represent the region, I’m fine! I hope it will go to the end.

Philippe Etchebest was your team leader during the show, what was your relationship with him?

He was my brigade leader and above all my mentor. It was he who pushed me to have these results. Without him, I would never have come this far. He knew how to talk to me driver. But I met a lot of other big names. I learned a lot during this show.

Will this adventure have – or already has – an influence on your cuisine?

It allowed me to discover completely different worlds. I’m thinking of Pía León (voted best chef in the world in 2021 by World’s 50 Best) for example, with a very South American cuisine. Or Mike Bagale, a completely high but very cool guy. But otherwise, at Witloof, I don’t want to change anything. What I did at Top Chef was mainly to prove to myself that I was capable of cooking a little more prestigiously, even if I own a bistro.

Mickaël and his team, to which he is very attached.  (File photo)
Mickaël and his team, to which he is very attached. (File photo)

Isn’t this new notoriety complicated to manage?

Well that’s cool, we take a lot of pictures (he smiles). Those are the good sides. The bad side is that since my participation in the show, I have never had so many no show (reservations that are not honored). My reservations are shielded until September but again this afternoon, I had a table of ten less. And again, no one warned. I don’t know how it happened, maybe a little jealousy on the part of some… or people who book way too early and who don’t assume.

Will we see you again on TV soon?

Yes it’s possible. We are preparing some small shows that will soon arrive. But I can’t say more for now…

It’s the end of the service, we see you posed with your glass of white. Is it the kind of little moments that you missed during your absence?

Yes and above all, I am a little less present in the kitchen because I have to do more interpersonal skills. (…) I am really very happy to find my guys here!

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