Auxerre – Sochaux (Playoffs Ligue 2) – L’AJA poursuit son rêve de Ligue 1 en s’imposant aux tirs au but

At the end of the suspense, and a bit of boredom. Auxerre emerged victorious in the second match of the Ligue 2 playoffs. The third in the championship nevertheless needed penalties to dismiss FC Sochaux, who had won against Paris FC three days ago. Jean-Marc Furlan’s men went clear, while Yann Kitala missed his penalty, stopped by Donovan Léon (0-0, 5-4 after the penalty shootout). Obviously, nothing has yet been done for Auxerre, who will have to do battle with the eighteenth in Ligue 1, whose identity we do not yet know, to make their big comeback to the top flight next season.

League 2

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05/17/2022 At 8:26 PM

The 2021/2022 Ligue 2 season has given us a little extra. Favorite of the meeting, AJ Auxerre would probably have liked to qualify for the play-offs more quickly. But his domination, which lasted a good part of the meeting, including extra time, was above all in vain. It must be said that the two teams, certainly a little paralyzed by the challenge, had difficulty in freeing themselves, while the overall pace was not helped by the many whistles. On the Auxerre side, the first fuse was lit by Gauthier Hein, who saw his shot from afar being countered (36th). In the process, Hamza Sakhi unscrewed his attempt, after a high recovery (38th).

Auxerre was better

The lack of success was a big feature of AJA’s attack, which really started to pick up speed shortly before the break. Hein, again him (44th, 59th), and especially Gaëtant Charbonnier (53rd) did not manage to free their club faster. Alexis Trouillet either, on a long shot which was precisely pushed back on Charbonnier, unable to frame at close range (90th + 2). In addition, perhaps the VAR, unused in this meeting, would have awarded a penalty to Lassine Sinayoko, mowed down at the entrance to the surface on an acceleration (59th). During extra time, Sakhi (99th) and Gaetan Perrin (99th) managed to carry the danger, without finding efficiency.

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Suffering in this second playoff, and already a miracle against Paris FC, Sochaux did what he could. And, in reality, he did not go far from the heist. Gaëtan Weissbeck almost offered a face-to-face with the Auxerre goalkeeper after a ball from Carlens Arcus (78th), but he lost his support in the Auxerre area. While there was a rescue on the line, against Steve Ambri (105th + 1). A victory would have been very well paid for the Sochaux, who would lose a match with such a scenario nine times out of ten. They will still have resisted enough to rely on the penalty shootout lottery.

Unfortunately for Sochaux, no Auxerre sniper shook during the various attempts, when Yann Kitala stumbled on Donovan Léon. The logic was therefore respected at the Abbé-Deschamps stadium and the future eighteenth in Ligue 1, probably Metz or Saint-Etienne even if Bordeaux still has hope, will have everything to be wary of the troops led by Jean-Marc Furlan, specialist lift coach in the elite. It is already at four, a sacred performance. A fifth may be added next week, after the double confrontation which awaits Auxerre.

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League 2

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05/14/2022 At 6:48 PM

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