Yannick Alléno: “Enraged”, he promises to make the murderer of his son Antoine pay

He was only 24 years old, had just closed his restaurant and was driving his best friend home on a scooter… Antoine Alléno was far from thinking, this Thursday, May 8, of the tragedy that was about to occur. A few minutes later, a car hit him head-on, killing him instantly and seriously injuring his passenger. A vehicle stolen a few minutes earlier by an alcoholic driver, already a repeat offender.

A young man also aged 24, who was immediately arrested and taken into custody. Indicted, he risks more than 10 years in prison, a verdict which still seems too lenient to the father of the victim, determined to make him pay. “Inconsolable and enraged“, as he confided to a few relatives before the burial of his younger brother, he is determined to change the law.

Let’s hope this didn’t happen for nothing, that Antoine will be at the origin of changes, encouraging more severity towards these offenders who rot life, who destroyed my life and that of our family“, he said after the funeral, very touched by this tragedy which took the life of his son.

He also declared the same day that an association in the name of the young chef (with whom he had opened a restaurant) would be created, to support the victims of repeat offenders. Repeating that “the horror has arrived“, he moved the whole assembly gathered for the funeral in Poissy, explaining that “If one day I had thought of the worst nightmare, it wouldn’t even have been that one“.

Supported by his family, in particular by Thomas, his eldest son, he also received support from Rachida Dati, a close friend of the clan. The mayor of the 8th arrondissement of Paris was able to shout her anger: “Antoine Alléno should never have died. That driver should have been in jail. Another tragedy of impunity. It’s a failure of the state“, she launched.

In the meantime, the young driver, from the travel community, has been remanded in custody at Fleury Mérogis, awaiting trial. During this time, the relatives of the Alléno family will try to get up and begin their mourning…



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