Louise's qualification creates tension on Twitter

Louise’s qualification creates tension on Twitter

This Wednesday, May 18, Louise’s qualification in “Top Chef” created tension on Twitter. M6 screenshot

A new episode of “Top Chef” was broadcast this Wednesday, May 18 on M6. In the first event, Louise qualified for the quarter-finals, which sparked outrage on Twitter. If some have shouted at “favoritism”, others have condemned the “misogyny” of certain Twittos.

Wednesday night rhymes with “Top Chef”, at least for fans of the program. This May 18 is no exception to the rule. This season 13 of the M6 ​​cooking show is particularly intense. It must be said that the candidates have gone all out to make the chefs salivate, but also the viewers. After 14 weeks of competition, they are only 5 to claim the title of “Top Chef”. If Philippe Etchebest, Hélène Darroze and Glenn Viel were present, this was not the case of their colleague, Paul Pairet. Following the elimination of Lilian last week, who was the ultimate candidate of his brigade, the leader had to leave the adventure. One thing is certain, it is that his absence was felt throughout the evening, according to internet users.

Discover the portrait of Paul Pairet:

This Wednesday, May 18, the candidates of Philippe Etchebest, Hélène Darroze and Glenn Viel have redoubled their efforts to impress chef Jean Imbert, winner of season 3 of “Top Chef”. The chef of the Plaza Athénée asked them to prepare a revisited vol-au-vent. And one thing is certain, the competition was tight. The five candidates tried everything and managed to impress the guest of the day. However, while tasting the dishes, Stéphane Rotenberg announced the first name of its owner, which was not seen with a very good eye on Twitter…

“He was briefed”

For many Twittos, this season of “Top Chef” is rigged. When Louise’s dish was presented to Jean Imbert, the presenter of “Top Chef” insisted on her first name, while emphasizing that it was “the last woman in the competition”. Internet users are therefore convinced that the production is showing favoritism and protecting Louise. And some have deplored that this test is not carried out “blind”.

“Top Chef is a scam”

Moreover, without much surprise for the fans of the program, it is the dish of the young woman who was chosen by Jean Imbert, allowing Louise to qualify directly for the quarter-finals. Upon discovering the verdict, many Twitter followers were offended and shouted “scandalous”. For them, she did not “deserve her place”. They pointed out that his dish was the “most basic” and the least “revisited”, even though that was the instruction. As many men as women are convinced that this season 14 is “rigged” and that the result is “already known in advance”.

“It makes you hate that a woman succeeds”

By reading all these tweets against Louise, Internet users have hallucinated. They do not understand this “irrational hatred” against the young woman. A large number of subscribers then wanted to defend it, while condemning the behavior deemed “misogynistic” by certain Twittos.

Louise’s qualification therefore unleashed passions on Twitter. The tensions were palpable on the social network. Obviously, all tastes are in nature, and unfortunately we cannot please everyone.

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