Football Ligue des Champions – Real Madrid : Karim Benzema arrive en France, Nabilla l’interpelle

Real Madrid are preparing to spend several days in France on the sidelines of the Champions League final. The influencer Nabilla reacted to this information.

As La Liga ends, Carlo Ancelotti has reassured everyone. No, Real Madrid do not have their minds on Kylian Mbappé, his signature or not for next season, but on Liverpool. It will be the match of the year between the Merengue and the Reds, for a prestigious final in the Champions League. The match will take place in 10 days, on May 28 at the Stade de France. This Ile-de-France destination, chosen by UEFA after it was impossible to hold this event in Russia, will focus all eyes on Paris. To prepare well for this meeting, Real Madrid decided to leave very early for France, to settle for three days in a prestigious residence in Chantilly. The Jeu de Paume hotel was thus chosen by the Madrid delegation, who know that the establishment will be able to offer the luxury, comfort and tranquility necessary to fully concentrate on the game. of the famous Château de Chantilly, that should allow Real to be very quiet. In particular because the establishment has been completely privatized by the Spanish club for these three days.

150,000 euros have disappeared

A habit for this luxury hotel, which had been England’s base camp during Euro 2026 in France. But more recently, an event entering both the people section and news items had taken place, since the Nabilla influence had spent her wedding night in this castle. Not without being robbed for 150,000 euros of personal belongings, two thieves having entered the room to steal watches, jewelry, clothes and wedding gifts. As a result, the reality TV specialist wanted to warn Real Madrid players, Karim Benzema in the lead. “ Attention, it is in this hotel that I was robbed on the day of my wedding! Palm Game Inn! There is no security “, Delivered Nabilla, who reacted quickly on seeing this information on the future place of residence of KB9 and Real Madrid.



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