Emilie (Married at first sight) shocked by Frédérick: new revelations about their dispute off

Emily (34-year-old real estate negotiator) and Frederick (40-year-old real estate agent) came down from their little cloud at the end of their honeymoon in Prague (in the Czech Republic). The two 84% compatible candidates argued off camera on their last night. A subject that Lina’s mother (1 year old) mentioned for the first time in an Instagram story on May 18. Amber’s dad (14 years old) had already spoken.

Although she is at her worst because of the Covid-19, Emilie took the time to react to a sequence that made M6 viewers talk a lot. “I’m really pissed off. It is a point of no return. I want to stop“, said Emilie after the voiceover explained that the tone had risen between Frédérick and her, without going into details. After having received a few questions or criticisms, the beautiful brunette who is now 36 years old wished to react. She first confided that it was necessary “fight for your marriage“, then referred to “the dispute which is quite stupid, which starts from nothing“, with her husband.

Frédérick and I had only known each other for forty-eight hours, so we didn’t know each other very well, not at all. We filmed bedtime. When I’m about to kiss Frédérick to say ‘good night’ to my husband, Frédérick gets out of bed in a squirrel pilou-pilou and he starts dancing to music. It just surprised me. I didn’t expect him to come out, I didn’t even see that he had put on a pilou-pilou because I was in the bathroom”, she said. Surprised, she asked him several times if he was always like that in life. A remark not at all nasty but that her husband took it badly.

Another Frederick

He thought I was judging him and he got really mad at me. He looked very hard at me. And there, I saw another Frédérick that I didn’t know at all during the day and I did not understand. I said to myself: ‘How can one go from a state of love to this?’ There is something wrong. And then, from the start, you talk to me like that, it doesn’t bode well“, she continued.

It remains to be seen whether they have managed to put this story aside to move forward. In any case, Emilie wants to be reassuring since she explains that in this kind of situation, you have to take the time to “to ask, to discuss, to try to understand each other“. She then recalled that their couple was “sincere“and that there were”ups and downs“in their relationship.”Finally know that, whatever happens, I will never say bad things about my husband on the networks. Nobody has the right to judge him, not even me“, she concluded.



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