Emilie looks back on their big argument mentioned in Married at first sight

Emilie looks back on their big argument mentioned in Married at first sight

Their story had started rather well. From their meeting in Gibraltar, Emilie and Frédérick were on the same wavelength. A beautiful complicity based on humor which developed even more during the honeymoon in Prague which saw the first kiss of the couple. But the last evening ended on a more bitter note for the couple because of an argument that started like a quarter turn, as the newlywed told us. Images that viewers of Married at first sight have not seen but which have been reported to them on the program by the principals concerned.

A silly fight

While she receives a lot of messages on social networks about this sequence, Emilie made things clear on Instagram by telling what happened. The 36-year-old begins by explaining to her subscribers that she wants “send a message to understand that you have to fight for your couple. Before “tell the argument, which is quite stupid, which starts from nothing, as often in couples“.”Frédérick and I had only known each other for 48 hours, so we didn’t know each other very well, not at all. We filmed bedtime. When I’m about to kiss Frédérick to say ‘good night’ to my husband, Frédérick gets out of bed in a squirrel fluff and starts dancing to music. It just surprised me. I didn’t expect him to come out, I didn’t even see that he had put on a pilou-pilou because I was in the bathroom“, she indicated.

He looked very hard at me

Lina’s mom then commented on her reaction. “It wasn’t mean at all. I looked at him and just said, ‘But are you like that in real life?’. But it was just a question really. Nothing mean“, she recalled. “He got upset. He thought I was judging him and he got really mad at me. He looked very hard at me. And there, I saw another Frédérick that I didn’t know at all during the day and I didn’t understand. I said to myself : ‘How can you go from a state of love to this?’ There is something wrong. And then, from the start, you talk to me like that, it doesn’t bode well“, she explained to her community.

A pair with “highs and lows

The sparkling brunette, who has been fighting covid for more than a week, wanted to be reassuring and thoughtful. “When we arrive in a story at our age, we all have a past, fears, apprehensions. But sometimes we don’t understand each other. And it’s a shame because we can take the head for nonsense. You have to take the time to ask yourself, to discuss, to try to understand each other. You see, it was a meaningless argument. It finally shows two people who are simply protecting themselves“, she analyzed. Emilie recalled that her couple was “sincere“, that he “had ups and downs“.”Finally know that, whatever happens, I will never say bad things about my husband on the networks. Nobody has the right to judge him, not even me“, she concluded, with a pretty red heart emoji. Enough to silence the bad languages…



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